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he Network Builder Program (NBP) is SFI's most popular program.

Building your own network of affiliates is a powerful way to create a substantial residual income stream that can continue to put money in your pocket, year after year.

It's easy to sign up affiliates because:

A) Almost everyone would like to earn extra money
B) There's no cost to join SFI
C) SFI has 20-year track record of success

Then, as your affiliates start referring others to NBP, your network can grow faster and faster --creating the opportunity for substantial ever-increasing income on override commissions and bonus income.

EyeEarn is a special version of SFI's Network Builder Program (see above), allowing you to build a lucrative residual income stream by participating in our personal advertising network.

With EyeEarn, you can get paid to drive your car, wear T-shirts, and more! Earn money effortlessly while you go about your day! It's fun, easy, and no experience is neccessary!

Everyone likes to save money. Now you can earn handsome commissions by simply referring customers to hundreds of money-saving offers and coupons at (NOC). In other words, just give away free coupons! They save money -- and you earn money! Over 4500 participating merchants in over 120 countries currently, with new offers added daily.

No matter where you live in the world, NOC is available to you. And because you can promote businesses and products right in your own country, city, or town, shipping and currency issues are eliminated!

We've also made NOC available in 10 different languages (English, U.K. English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, and Greek)!join

Digital music sales are EXPLODING worldwide and are expected to hit nearly $15 billion in sales by 2010 (that's up from just $2.7 billion in 2005). As an SFI affiliate you can profit from this massive music revolution—thanks to SFI division, TuneFlow features thousands of songs from hundreds of artists from around the world.

Great Domainia Website Services
The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate every day, and more people than ever are jumping on board the Web and creating their own Websites. Getting an easy-to-remember domain name is a vital part of getting traffic to these sites. Help your customers get a memorable, personalized domain name--as well as URL Forwarding, E-Mail Fowarding, and other helpful online services--at an affordable price

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