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website purpose

Defining Your Website Purpose

Once you have people visiting your website, the trick for many businesses will be to keep them interested and hopefully coming back to your website. Much has been written on how to construct a good website; sadly much of it seems to have been ignored. This section will not go into great length about how to construct a good website except to provide some general tips and suggestions.

Now that you have firmly established what business you are in based on your client's perception of you, it is important to make a lasting impression with your customers. The questions you will address throughout this manual, including why clients buy from you, will need to be channeled into making sure your website reflects those customer-driven themes.

There are lots of so-called "rules" on website construction, and now that you are viewing things from your customer's point of view some elements of your website that in the past seemed acceptable, may now be viewed with a more critical eye. If this is the case, you are making great progress. During this process it will be beneficial to ask the opinion of friends and relatives who may be able to give you a fresh perspective.

The first thing to keep in mind with any website is DON'T CONFUSE YOUR VISITORS.

By this I mean, make sure that anyone who is visiting your website understands quickly and concisely why they are there.

Your site must clearly convey a simple message; are you SELLING, BUYING or INFORMING your visitors. Put simply, your site should have a main purpose for its existence.

If the site was developed to sell product, it is fine to describe what the product or service is, but the emphasis should be that it is a "sales site." If your site is an online brochure for your company and you are providing a variety of offerings, make sure you are crystal clear so your visitors know exactly where things on your site are located.

1. Grab your visitor's attention right away.

Your site needs to open with a simple, clearly defined message that will make the visitor want to look further at the site. Don't have your opening page begin with paragraph after paragraph of typed text. Nothing turns a visitor off more quickly than the idea that they are going to have to read volumes of material in order to figure out what you do.

2. Make navigation easy and intuitive.

As a general rule, when someone is visiting a website they want to have the flexibility of moving from page to page throughout the website. It can be very annoying to navigate a website by always returning to the home or main page. Even worse is navigating through a website and finding that the only option you have is the “Back button”. When this happen many people simply “click” away to another website. Poor navigational links on a website are signs of poor development quality and or poor planning. In the mind of the visitor, a fault on a website, like poor navigation, reflects on the quality of your business. Make sure all your website pages contain all the same internal links.

See Figures 1 and 2 for examples.

3. Avoid long and wordy paragraphs

Unless you are providing some technical information. Even then it is probably a good idea to provide this information using a downloadable format such as PDF files. It is best to use graphics or pictures to help tell your story. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is especially true on websites.

4. Speed is of the essence

Especially when it comes to browsing websites. One of the best ways to drive visitors away from your site is by having a site that is painfully slow. Some of the things that can slow a website down are:

a) Graphic images that are improperly applied

b) Faulty scripts and programs improperly applied

c) Web-host operating with slow equipment

d) Animation or sound files improperly applied

When you work hard to attract visitors, the last thing you want to be doing is spoiling their experience with a slow website. Build your site according to the latest modem speed and computer viewing statistics. Finding this information on the Internet will require some research, but it is invaluable in making a better website. Keep in mind that when building your site, what looks good on one computer will be irritatingly slow to download on another.

5. Make your website easy and inviting to navigate

Imagine you are a new customer or visitor to your website. Look at everything with a discriminating eye. Always seek to improve.

adsense part1

AdSense For Feeds: What’s That?

Here is another thing that you need to understand when learning about Google AdSense program. Let’s take the plunge and check out what ‘AdSense for feeds’ means:

Google AdSense program offers more than one way of earning revenue from serving Google AdSense Ads. Though ‘AdSense for Feeds’ is one of the more recent ways of advertising using Google AdSense Ads, it’s in no way less effective than the others. Here, Google places the Ads of the advertisers in the relevant feed articles (again, note the most important characteristic of the Google AdSense program comes into play here too i.e. ‘relevant feed’ not just any feed).

The feeds are in the form of articles, headlines or summaries. These content formats allow the users to easily access the content from several publishers (content owners) at one place. This is achieved through feed aggregators like Bloglines etc. Again, Google uses its technology to determine what advertisements would be contextually suited for a particular feed. You get paid as the publisher of original content and hence make easy money. As for the readers, they as such get a rich experience because they can see the relevant advertisements with the content that they are interested in. Moreover, they can also choose the feeds that they want. Users can click the advertisements to visit the advertiser’s website and check if their products and/ or services are of any use to them. Of course, the Advertisers benefit too. They get targeted advertising which means only the really interested people get to know about their products and services (and hence there are more chances of a better conversion rate for sales).

So, the prime concept for ‘AdSense for feeds’ remains the same as the Google AdSense program; only the orientation changes a bit. But note that Google is currently beta testing ‘AdSense for feeds’. Beta test for the program quickly got fully subscribed, so Google is not accepting any more applications for AdSense for feeds.

It’s only a matter of time before Google AdSense for feeds hits the internet and opens another revenue earning opportunity for website owners.

Tips For AdSense For Feeds

You now know what ‘AdSense for Feeds’ means and you must also understand that it’s a big opportunity in the offing. Acquiring more, upfront knowledge on AdSense for feeds can really get you ahead of others in the race for benefiting from AdSense for feeds:

AdSense for feeds is currently in beta testing phase and the content publishers are just waiting for the flood gates to open in order to start earning revenue through the AdSense Ads in their feeds. Here are the top 3 tips that will help you fully capitalize on this revenue earning opportunity:

Content Quality: You will earn Google AdSense revenue only if people subscribe to your feed. The more subscriptions you get, the better are your chances of success with AdSense for feeds. Since most people would be looking for quality content, you need to make sure that your feed contains up-to-date quality information that is presented to the users in an easy-to-understand language. Besides that, the feeds should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Content Quantity: Include as much content in your feeds as you possibly can. Again, the aim is prove that the feed is useful and comprehensive (so that more users subscribe to it). If you feel that the complete article cannot go into the feed, include a good summary of the article.

Limit The Ad Units: If the users find that your feeds contain too much Ads, they might not subscribe to your feeds at all (and the whole purpose of feeds would get defeated). In order to ensure that you get good subscription to your feeds, you should limit the ad units to one per feed. Another good way of ensuring that your feeds don’t look like an advertising medium is to place the Ads either at the end of article or after sufficient discussion on the topic.

So, get ready for enhancing your ‘AdSense for feeds’ revenue with these tips. Your wait may soon be over. Keep the tempo going and keep checking Google’s AdSense blog for updates about the launch of AdSense for feeds.


AdSense’s Place In The Online Advertising World

Let’s start our journey in the world of Google AdSense by first understanding how the online advertising came into being and how Google AdSense is place with respect to the other online advertising concepts:

Soon after the advent of internet, it was realized that the website real estate (or the space on websites) had commercial value in the advertising world. The simple reason behind this was the soaring popularity of internet and the increasing number of eyeballs received by various websites. Thus, internet advertising (or online advertising) came into being. Today, internet advertising is treated as one of the most effective and most economical means of advertising. In fact, a lot of businesses, especially small businesses, use only this (affordable) medium for advertising their products and services. As technology progressed, so did the online advertising methodologies. Graphics based banner Ads and text Ads got their due recognition and were used quite extensively for online advertising. Even now banner advertising is one of the most popular forms of online advertising.

However, the real breakthrough in online advertising came with Google AdSense advertising program. This program helped in connecting advertisers to several website owners who were ready to offer advertising space on their websites. Through Google AdSense program, the advertisements were floated on the websites that had some relevance to the products or services offered by the advertiser. This type of advertising is also called targeted advertising since the Ads are served only to the interested audience and not just anyone or everyone. Soon, Google AdSense became a very effective form of targeted advertising. On Google AdSense program, webmasters are paid on per-click and per-thousand- Ads-displayed basis.

And the advertisers can control the amount of money they wish to spend on advertising through Google Adwords program that works in conjunction with the AdSense program.

Google AdSense program has caught the fancy of a lot of advertisers and webmasters and its popularity continues to soar everyday. Until another, better advertising program comes into being; Google AdSense will continue to hold its place at the core of online advertising.

What Is AdSense?

Now that we know how Google AdSense program is placed in the world of online advertising, let’s delve a bit deeper into the concept of ‘AdSense’ and understand what it is about and how people make money by using this concept.

AdSense is a wonderful advertising concept that was conceived by Google some time back. Though new advertising concepts keep coming up all the time, this one is something that is altogether different.

AdSense (Google’s advertising program) presents an earning opportunity to the website owners by allowing Google to post advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are either text advertisements or image based advertisements. Of course, the website owners need to enroll to the AdSense program through Google’s website (https://www.google.com/AdSense). Google AdSense program requires you (the website owner) to include a piece of code (a programming script) on your website. You can add this piece of code anywhere in the html code of your website i.e. depending on where you want to position the advertisements (however, there are certain rules that you must follow while pasting this scripting code). This piece of code is what determines the structure of advertisements and their content (and this is what helps Google in floating the advertisements on your website). W hen people visit your website they are able to see these advertisements. Your earnings are based on how many Google Ads are displayed on your website and also based on how many times visitors to your website actually click on one of those Ads. The Google AdSense system calculates your revenue on per-click (CPC) and per-thousand-Ads-displayed (CPM) basis. The latter is also known as impressions.

For people who want to advertise their products and services through the Google AdSense system, it’s just a matter of signing up through Google Adwords program and letting Google know how much they want to spend towards advertising through Google AdSense. These businesses can specify the limit and Google AdSense system will accordingly serve their Ads so as to ensure that the specified limit is not crossed. Google AdSense increases the visibility of their

business/ services and also increases traffic to their website; hence fulfilling their purpose of advertising.


sekarang ini banyak orang bingung untuk memilih pekerjaan ataupun bisnis yang berkembang kebutuhan

Bagaimana Anda Merencanakan Masa Depan atau Masa Pensiun Anda?

Sadarkah Anda bahwa kerja keras dan mengejar prestasi tidak cukup jika Anda benar-benar menginginkan kehidupan yang berkualitas di masa yang akan datang?


Inflasi terjadi hampir setiap tahun
Kenaikan gaji/upah selalu diikuti oleh kenaikan harga kebutuhan pokok
Tidak ada pekerjaan yang benar-benar aman dari PHK atau bangkrut
Jabatan Anda tidak dapat diwariskan
Gaji sebesar apapun akan berhenti ketika Anda pensiun
Tabungan seringkali habis untuk biaya pengobatan di masa tua, bagaimana jika tidak memiliki tabungan sama sekali?
Musibah atau bencana dapat terjadi kapanpun dan pada siapapun, bagaimana dengan jaminan finasial keluarga Anda?

Apakah Anda ingin Berbisnis atau memiliki Penghasilan Tambahan tetapi Tidak Punya Modal atau Takut Rugi?

Jika Anda memiliki Handphone dan sedikit kemauan, sebenarnya Anda sudah memiliki syarat yang cukup untuk mendapatkan tambahan penghasilan jutaan rupiah dengan modal kecil bahkan Rp 0,- Bagaimana caranya?

Mulai Sekarang, Saya Akan INFORMASIKAN Kepada Anda Bagaimana Mengubah HP Anda Menjadi Mesin Penghasil Uang!

Sebenarnya Anda hanya perlu "mengubah cara" belanja pulsa melalui DYNASIS dengan harga standar, kemudian Anda mereferensikan (mengajak) teman-teman dan keluarga Anda untuk membeli pulsa dengan cara yang sama. Tanpa harus berjualan, Anda akan mendapatkan komisi dari setiap transaksi pengisian pulsa yang dilakukan oleh jaringan Anda setiap bulan, selamanya.

* Tidak ada biaya registrasi atau iuran apa pun (100% GRATIS selamanya!)
* Hanya mengubah cara belanja produk kebutuhan sehari-hari
* Harga produk standar (rata-rata sama dengan harga pasar)
* Bukan jualan & tidak ada kewajiban berjualan
* Repeat Order tinggi: pasar luas, produk sudah umum dipakai (pulsa)
* Tidak ada Risiko Rugi, karena tidak ada kewajiban stok produk
* Dijamin mudah menjalankannya, dan TERBUKTI lebih banyak orang yang TERTARIK dibandingkan dengan bisnis yang lain!

Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System (DNS) adalah suatu sistem yang memungkinkan nama suatu host pada jaringan komputer atau internet ditranslasikan menjadi IP address. Dalam pemberian nama, DNS menggunakan arsitektur hierarki.

1. Root-level domain: merupakan tingkat teratas yang ditampilkan sebagai tanda titik (.).

2. Top level domain: kode kategori organisasi atau negara misalnya: .com untuk dipakai oleh perusahaan; .edu untuk dipakai oleh perguruan tinggi; .gov untuk dipakai oleh badan pemerintahan. Selain itu untuk membedakan pemakaian nama oleh suatu negara dengan negara lain digunakan tanda misalnya .id untuk Indonesia atau .au untuk australia.

3. Second level domain: merupakan nama untuk organisasi atau perusahaan, misalnya:

microsoft.com; yahoo.com, dan lain-lain.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

IP address dan subnet mask dapat diberikan secara otomatis menggunakan Dynamic Host

Configuration Protocol atau disi secara manual.

DHCP berfungsi untuk memberikan IP address secara otomatis pada komputer yang menggunakan protokol TCP/IP. DHCP bekerja dengan relasi client-server, dimana DHCP server menyediakan suatu kelompok IP address yang dapat diberikan pada DHCP client. Dalam memberikan IP address ini, DHCP hanya meminjamkan IP address tersebut. Jadi pemberian IP address ini berlangsung secara dinamis.

Topologi Jaringan adalah gambaran secara fisik dari pola hubungan antara komponen-komponen jaringan, yang meliputi server, workstation, hub dan pengkabelannnya. Terdapat tiga macam topologi jaringan umum digunakan, yaitu Bus, Star dan Ring.



TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) adalah sekelompok protokol yang mengatur komunikasi data komputer di internet. Komputer-komputer yang terhubung ke internet berkomunikasi dengan protokol TCP/IP, karena menggunakan bahasa yang sama perbedaan jenis komputer dan sistem operasi tidak menjadi masalah. Komputer PC dengan sistem operasi Windows dapat berkomunikasi dengan komputer Macintosh atau dengan Sun SPARC yang menjalankan solaris. Jadi, jika sebuah komputer menggunakan protokol TCP/IP dan terhubung langsung ke internet, maka komputer tersebut dapat berhubungan dengan komputer di belahan dunia mana pun yang juga terhubung ke internet.

Ciri-ciri jaringan komputer:

1. berbagi perangkat keras (hardware).

2. berbagi perangkat lunak (software).

3. berbagi saluran komunikasi (internet).

4. berbagi data dengan mudah.

5. memudahkan komunikasi antar pemakai jaringan.

Local Area Network (LAN) adalah sejumlah komputer yang saling dihubungkan bersama di dalam satu areal tertentu yang tidak begitu luas, seperti di dalam satu kantor atau gedung. Secara garis besar terdapat dua tipe jaringan atau LAN, yaitu jaringan Peer to Peer dan jaringan Client-Server. Pada jaringan peer to peer, setiap komputer yang terhubung ke jaringan dapat bertindak baik sebagai workstation maupun server. Sedangkan pada jaringan Client-Server, hanya satu komputer yang bertugas sebagai server dan komputer lain berperan sebagai workstation. Antara dua tipe jaringan tersebut masing-masing memiliki keunggulan dan kelemahan, di mana masing-masing akan dijelaskan.

LAN tersusun dari beberapa elemen dasar yang meliputi komponen hardware dan software, yaitu

1. Komponen Fisik

Personal Computer (PC), Network Interface Card (NIC), Kabel, Topologi jaringan.

2. Komponen Software

Sistem Operasi Jaringan, Network Adapter Driver, Protokol Jaringan.

Personal Komputer (PC)

Tipe personal komputer yang digunakan di dalam jaringan akan sangat menentukan unjuk kerja dari jaringan tersebut. Komputer dengan unjuk kerja tinggi akan mampu mengirim dan mengakses data dalam jaringan dengan cepat. Di dalam jaringan tipe Client-Server, komputer yang difungsikan sebagai server mutlak harus memiliki unjuk kerja yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan komputerkomputer lain sebagai workstation-nya, karena server akan bertugas menyediakan fasilitas dan mengelola operasional jaringan tersebut.


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